Lake Almanor Astrophotography

Got a new fisheye just for camping this year… The light pollution around the lake is so low that every year I am amazed at how many stars I can see. After a 9 hour drive to get from Portland to the campground you might assume that I would just want to pass out in my tent but I was just way to excited to test out the fisheye lens and see what I could now get in my scope with only 8mm 🙂 I made a nice star trail and then had some fun making a time-lapse video







18 thoughts on “Lake Almanor Astrophotography

  1. Its spectacular. I see shooting stars as well. Am I right? Clear starry skies are so difficult to find by in cities with so much light pollution. When I am close to nature I feel close to the universal force of life that keeps us all going. Some call it God and some pure energy source.

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  2. Well done! Capturing both star trails and the Milky Way. Beautiful! I need to get myself to the east of where I am and put myself deep into the Cascades, on a night with no moon, and capture the stars.

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  3. If you go, the road along the Rio Grande has fantastic views. So many places around there. The overnight (or crazy hustle day hike) to SouthEast rim has hundred mile view each way! Entertainment at night includes watching border patrol drive through desert. 😀

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