13 thoughts on “I like Turtles

  1. Lol turtles are awesome their is park down from my studio where you can find them sitting on a log in what i wish was a bog

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  2. I had a terrapin called ‘Mr Mcawber’ when i was living at my mum and dad’s home and when we wnet on holiday he was looked after by our very sweet elderly next door neighbour . Needless to say i loved Mr Mcawber very much.

    On the day we got back, my terrapin was posted, dead, thru our letter box by our neighbour – he had died while we were away and she was very nervous about telling us this. Unbelievable but true. She has since gone to the great Terrapin in the sky.

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  3. I’m going to follow your blog now. Anyone who likes turtles is worth paying attention to. :0)

    I have a 12-year-old red-eared slider named Turtimus Maximus. Had a box turtle named Humbug when I was a kid. Collect turtle figurines. I’m a bit obsessed…

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