Another Attempt At Star Trails

Tried to get star trails from the parents backyard over the weekend but wasn’t that successful… Had clouds rolling in to shorten the time gap of being able to take pictures, that coupled with the fact that the lens was accumulating dew didn’t make for very good outcomes



22 thoughts on “Another Attempt At Star Trails

  1. I guess technically it was a success but I was looking to get a bit longer trails that really give it the swirling effect since the light pollution decreases the number of trails


  2. True, that would be pretty nice. You’d probably need to go to somewhere very rural to get the results you’re looking for. Especially, like you said, since the the light pollution decrease the number of trails. But I still think they’re pretty nice.

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  3. great result! what kind of program did u use to create this serie?
    btw, just wondering.. do you use a lenscap/suncap? I’ve heard/read that this helps with decreasing light pollution on the photographs πŸ™‚

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  4. Very cool! Thanks for sharing… There are days I want to grab my camera and my wife and head out on a photo-mission… but the day job keeps me from doing that… silly day job πŸ˜‰

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  5. Very cool photos. I’ve never tried star trails, but have a spot picked out where I want to take some star shots. Are you familiar with maps that show areas around the country rated by number as to light pollution level? I was researching night photography and was led to one. I’m lucky that I’m only an hour or two from areas with no light pollution. The next time we have no moon, I’m thinking about heading out for some photos.

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