No Meteors For Me

Last night was the Lyrid Meteor Shower and I decided to go out with the brand new 10-18mm wide angle lens that I just got this week with my Federal Tax Refund πŸ˜‰ I wasn’t able to get any meteor’s in the hour plus I was out there shooting but my star trails with the wide angle lens is quite an improvement πŸ™‚ First I thought I would just see if I could get a shot of the stars from within my apartment complex but there was just too much light. I got a picture of the moon right before it set then headed to a nearby park with a chair and a blanket. The star trails is a stack of about 70 30-second exposures













PS. I am in LOVE with this new lens ❀

18 thoughts on “No Meteors For Me

  1. Great pics! Inspiring me to get out at night with my tripod! What is it about your new lens you like? I am still yet to venture into the costly world of lens purchasing (if I can ever afford it…)

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  2. Cool star trail! I had the same disappointment trying to catch a meteor last night as well….. Spent nearly 200 shots which should make some OK trails but, was really trying to get a meteor which unfortunately didn’t happen! Wasn’t even able to spot any with my own eyes either. 😞

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  3. Really great shot! You continue to show me your great eye, creativity, passion, and growing skill in photography!!

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