Monochrome Monday– Notre Dame Cathedral

IMG_8220 copy

IMG_8228 copy

IMG_8252 copy

IMG_8254 copy

IMG_8258 copy

IMG_8286 copy

IMG_8294 copy

IMG_8302 copy

IMG_8305 copy

14 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday– Notre Dame Cathedral

  1. Nice! One of my favourite places in Paris. When were you here? I have lived in Paris since October 2014, but am originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I find that every time I am in Notre Dame, I end up taking hundreds of pictures, virtually the same ones over and over again because it’s so beautiful!

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  2. My family went for christmas this past year… It was my first time in Europe and it was amazing… Unfortunately, even though I remembered the tripod I forgot the quick release mount on one of the camera bodies that didn’t come with 😉 Even with that I think I took well over 1000 photos of the 7 days we were there

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  3. Some of your pictures look like old post cards. Sure you took them yourself? 😉 Kidding. Great stuff and you should really thinking about putting them on post cards.

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