Failed Attempt At Star Trails

The other night I decided to attempt to capture star trails in order to stack them in those crazy awesome photos of star trails that people take. I drove 20 minutes until I was in the middle of nowhere [which was kinda creepy to be alone, but I had my bat 😉 ] so that there wouldn’t really be any light pollution (checked the map before hand to see where to go). Unfortunately, I forgot the quick release attachment to my tripod but not the tripod itself so I was stuck attempting to take pictures with my camera on the ground (not advised) The main problem I had was that there was only like an hour gap between the point past sunset when you want to start shooting and the moon rise…This coupled with the fact that there was a car every 8 minutes and I had to stop the picture mid exposure left me very unhappy with the results… Sadly, I am going to be in Santa Barbara for the new moon so I won’t be able to get a nice shot this time around but I will probably try again within the next couple of days







9 thoughts on “Failed Attempt At Star Trails

  1. Do you own or does your camera have a built in interval timer? A shutter release with a programmable timer for my camera was probably the best investment I ever made and relatively inexpensive.
    I program mine for about an hour of shooting: 70-100 shots at 60 second intervals at 400iso (30 second exposure +30 seconds process time per shot-the drawback of my particular camera)
    I generally always have a number of planes flying through about 5 or more of my shots so I ucamera just omit them completely from the stack but still end up with an OK end result using starstax (freeware) without even doing any post processing in each shot beforehand. 😃

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  2. I recently got an interval timer but the main problem was the location I chose had too much traffic when combined with the fact that I couldn’t put my camera on the tripod which meant every time a car drove by the headlights messed up the shot… I was also trying for long exposures instead of a lot of short ones, I am going to try again so I’ll try your way in the next couple of nights and post the results. 🙂 I can’t wait until summer when the Milky Way is visible for me, hopefully by then I’ll be really good at this 😉


  3. Cool! Yeah, I’m still waiting to around to find a good desert location myself to try my next stack. I’ve only attempted the neighborhood backyard thus far. I would like to do longer exposed times but unfortunately with my camera…considering it takes the same amount of time to process each shot as the exposure time is itself..doing a star trail that way would leave larger gaps inbetween each shot as our earth rotates. Hopefully, I can upgrade my camera at some point in the future and create some smoother trails with longer exposure times. 😉✌

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  4. you tried and you’re going to try again…I so enjoy photographers…the challenge is the thing 🙂

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