Morning Dew with new Extension Tubes

Being a broke grad student, I cannot afford to buy a macro lens (…yet) and so I invested $15 in a set of extension tubes to try to get up close and personal with some shots. I went to the nearby park in the morning and got these shots of the morning dew on the grass, I really like the results for my first time with them, looking forward to getting better






20 thoughts on “Morning Dew with new Extension Tubes

  1. Nice. It is different when trying macro for the first time. Perhaps turn on the flash and use a lower ISO, might help…I started with close up filters before getting the extension tubes πŸ™‚

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  2. Taylor, have you tried a reversing ring? Should only be a few dollars (they are less than Β£5 in the uk). A friend of mine is into macro and using a reversing ring, his results are great, very close and sharp, a lot of detail.

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  3. There are also close-up filters you can use. I still have a set from way back in my 35mm film days. It consists of three filters, a +1, +2 and a +4. Use them alone or in any combination. Use an adapter ring for different lenses. Great results and won’t drain your budget. Only drawback is the added aberrations, but in most cases it’s not a problem.

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  4. It all sounds very technical to me, but these pictures are so stunning. You capture something very magical in them So very well done…you have an eye for detail! So enjoying seeing what you see through your lens, very personal, and thanks for liking what I have been scribbling…

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