Monochrome March Challenge- Day 20

Last final of the winter quarter today and we are allowed to have 3 full pages of notes… I make the most of my pages and make the use of my ability to write super-duper small and have it still be legible… My classmates have begun calling me Hawkeye because “only someone with the vision of a hawk could read that without a magnifying glass”…






8 thoughts on “Monochrome March Challenge- Day 20

  1. If I was in a relationship with physics then we’d have a terrible time communicating since we both speak alien language. And this comment will be totally weird and wrong if it’s not “physics note” up there.


  2. Whats E&M and wave theory? now you are using the alien language ha ha Physics and I went our separate ways a long time ago, sadly πŸ˜€
    Jokes apart, nice shot. Small font but I bet they are clear enough for the reader. Hope your final was just as cool as the photographs. Good wishes πŸ™‚


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