Way Back Wednesday

I am in the midst of finals week so forgive me for recycling old photos. These were shot at Lake Almanor this past summer… It is my favorite place in the world, my family and I have gone camping there 19+ consecutive summers. It is calming and relaxing there and I just get to spend the time with family and close friends. This particular trip had been my first weekend with my DSLR so forgive the simplicity of the shots. These in particular are from one of the sunsets/moon rises






8 thoughts on “Way Back Wednesday

  1. Lovely & also love the name “way back wednesday” 🙂 (I am soooo behind with pics as well.) Quick question: were these photos edited or not? I mean I do see skies like that and they are spectacular.. Nothing to forgive 😉 personally, I love (& prefer) this simplicity!


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