12 thoughts on “Light Bulb!

  1. You know what might be awesome, too? Did you see the old, vintage-like bulbs that are now trendy? I keep seeing them in Tea Salons and cozy little neighbourhood pubs… Their color is anger and they glow really nicely, like hot braizing metal. Might be a really interesting contasting ”photo assignment” – would be the total opposite of this one! 🙂

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  2. Oh I guess it must be a Montreal thing – a lot of places where we hang out with friends for a tea or beer seem to have them. If you have the store called Zone, where you live, you might actually just walk up to the demo lights and take the picture without having to buy them 😉 Just an idea 🙂 But totally agreeing with you – not worth buying them just for a shot! 🙂


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