Black and White 5 Day Challenge- Day 5

Throwing in back to my old point and shoot before I really knew anything about photography. First trip out of the country since a week in Mexico City when I was 5 was to Thailand for Christmas in 2013 and it was amazing (…other than falling off that elephant)

DSCN0200 copy

DSCN0206 copy

DSCN0281 copy

DSCN0291 copy

6 thoughts on “Black and White 5 Day Challenge- Day 5

  1. I’m really curious – why did you pick black and white for these shots? I know often people go a long way to show the shiny golden colour of the statues. Was it because you were trying to focus on the motifs instead? There’s a really cool book I think you might enjoy, by the by, if you like patterns: it’s called ”Principles of Design through Photopgraphy”, and it’s written by Deepak John Matthew. Don’t know if you ever came across it? 🙂

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  2. There were a lot of photos from the trip but I really liked the contrast that these showed in black and white the best. They were taken with color and I just decided later. I haven’t heard of it but then again I’m pretty new to it. I’ll definitely look it up

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