5 day Black and White Challenge- Day 2

I would like to thank Stan from One Picture a Day for joining me today on the 5 Day Black and White Challenge as well as Tree from Conversations Around the Tree for inviting me to do this challenge.

For today’s post I decided to post the pictures I took of the moon and Venus/Mars and the stars without my tripod as I left the library at an ungodly hour… Trying to do astrophotography free hand is so much harder. I ended up just lying on my back in the middle of one of the campus roads (it is pretty deserted past 11pm) and shoot upwards into the abyss. Here are some of the results…





whoops, I cropped this next one down to see the planets better but forgot about the automatic resizing that the watermark would make


Once again, I invite anyone who has actually gotten to the bottom of the post to join in on the fun 🙂

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