Trying to Bird Watch

I decided to use my day off from school yesterday(I didn’t even know it was a holiday until I got to campus) to go to the nearby wetlands to bird watch. As I pulled off the country road, I didn’t slow down my Vespa enough and I lost control and flew off onto the gravel. Luckily I wasn’t seriously injured, just a bunch of scrapes and bruises. The gas tank was full before the skid out so it spilled out when the scooter tipped so I had to wait 30 minutes to make sure it wasn’t leaking before heading home and cleaning myself up. In the 30 minutes I decided to walk around a bit, mostly so that the injuries wouldn’t get stiff. I will definitely be going back (in a car) here are some of the shots… IMG_3019 copy IMG_3025 copy IMG_3027 copy IMG_3034 copy IMG_3039 copy IMG_3041 copy IMG_3050 copy IMG_3052 copy IMG_3058 copy IMG_3061 copy IMG_3066 copy IMG_3076 copy IMG_3078 copy IMG_3079 copy IMG_3085 copy IMG_3088 copy IMG_3089 copy IMG_3097 copy IMG_3101 copy IMG_3107 copy IMG_3109 copy

7 thoughts on “Trying to Bird Watch

  1. Glad you are ok!
    I really like the photo of the duck taking off (landing?) great capture. I can’t get enough of photographing birds and ducks….not sure the obsession, but I truly enjoy it!

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  2. Thanks, and almost 100% back, going to try exercising for the first time today so we’ll see how that goes. Went back yesterday (car) and actually spent some time there, will be posting those shots in a bit 🙂

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