Flashback Friday- Chasing Waterfalls

Was too busy driving to go through the RAW files from yesterday so here are some shots from the Trail of Ten Falls in Oregon. It is a must see if you are nearby!!! Such amazing views… (These were shots with my old point and shoot)DSCN2041 copy copy DSCN2034 copy copy DSCN2015 copy copy DSCN1995 copy copy DSCN1988 copy copy DSCN1962 copy copy DSCN1928 copy copy DSCN1874 copy copy DSCN1858 copy copy DSCN1853 copy copy DSCN1832 copy copy DSCN1817 copy copy DSCN2032 copy copy DSCN1887 copy copy DSCN1830 copy copy DSCN1863 copy copy DSCN1909 copy copy DSCN1934 copy copy DSCN1964 copy copy DSCN1968 copy copy DSCN1849 copy copy DSCN1965 copy copy

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