A Day at The Races

It was one of my friends birthday today and so she wanted to go to Golden Gate Fields and watch/bet on the horse races for the afternoon. I had a lot of fun trying to shoot the races, I wish the rain hadn’t been intermittently present and the races had been more frequent than 2 an hour. Before the races I went to brunch with one of my old roomies and we went to Cafe M, which is a 4 star restaurant… The brunch was AMA-wait for it- ZING. Definitely going to be going back there

IMG_2142 copy IMG_2202 copy copy IMG_2201 copy copy IMG_2194 copy copy IMG_2182 copy IMG_2181 copy copy IMG_2180 copy IMG_2178 copy IMG_2175 copy IMG_2174 copy IMG_2172 copy IMG_2168 copy IMG_2163 copy copy IMG_2162 copy IMG_2161 copy IMG_2158 copy IMG_2156 copy IMG_2154 copy

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