The Crows: GoPro vs. DSLR

On Tuesday I took a part in a usability study for GoPro and at the end of the session got a free GoPro Hero 3+ and today the memory card arrived from Amazon… So now the adventures will begin!! Due to the fact that I spent almost the entire day indoors in the lab or at practice (where taking random pictures is not allowed) my only outdoors comparison came as I left my evening class at 6 and all of the Crows were back in the trees of the parking lot. I decided to take the opportunity to take some shots with the GoPro (No LCD screen so I ended up taking like 25 shots and only liking 3) and my Canon Rebel 2Ti DSLR camera. No tripods were used for either camera.

There were definitely some shots that looked better in the GoPro and some that looked better in the DSLR… I took several shots with each camera for each picture



And then there were shots that the DSLR took that the GoPro’s versions were pretty horrible and won’t even go up here…

IMG_0788a IMG_0793a

28 thoughts on “The Crows: GoPro vs. DSLR

  1. GoPros are great, but they do have their limitations. I’d like to get one myself for time lapse shooting. I can’t decide whether to get a +3 black or the newer 4 silver. I can get a great deal on the 3+. The 4 silver has a bit more to offer technically, but it doesn’t come with an extra battery and charger, a remote, and a few other goodies I can get with the 3+. But the 3+ is $50. more than the 4 silver. Decisions, decisions.

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  2. Honestly, I would go with the 4 just because it has the screen on the back and if you want to see what you are taking a picture of with the 3 you would have to buy the special LCD backpack thats another $80

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  3. Thanks. I saw that in the reviews of the 4 silver. The 4 black doesn’t have the LCD. I also thought that I could use wi-fi with my phone instead of the LCD. Not sure how good the GoPro wi-fi is at this point. The 4 silver does have the better/updated technology and shoots better in ow light. 🙂


  4. Hi Taylor! Thanks for the like on ‘New pictures added to ‘Transmittance’. Interesting comparison you did with gopro and dslr. Gopro cameras probably have the most advantages ‘in action’, such as sports or even military use, where probably a heavy dslr would be more difficult to handle/transport. However the dslr cameras and the advanced mirror-less are IMHO still more reliable and better equipped for the creative and documentary photographer who like to take full control of settings etc. But, I admit, haven’t tried a gopro myself yet. A few times however, I have wished I had one with me during my cycling rides. Not for recording misbehavior of others, more in order to have camera I could instantly use while training … combining my to passions … That said, perhaps I might also get a gopro (or s.t. similar). Have a nice day! Adrian

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  5. Great photos and very interesting. I have quite a lot of film cameras and equipment but they all seem out of date now as it`s easier to just download onto the computer and see straight away what you have taken.I used to love taking pics on film and then developing , printing and enlarging but it`s a long process and the chemicals are not in every chemist like they were years ago.The thing is that most of my photos go onto blogs so I don`t need the definition that you get with film.

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  6. Thanks for the comparison photos.

    I usually end up mixing media between my tiny action camera and my ‘real’ camera. nFor example, this video is mostly taken with an action cam, but mixes photos and video from my mirrorless lens camera of the same scene.

    Each have their limitations, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want that kind of quality from my actioncam too.

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  7. sometimes when our eyes get used to, thing we see everyday does not looks special or appealing. but you have a different eye. I did not realize before photos of crows may be so beautiful.

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