Visiting Berkeley for the Day

After a morning practice I quickly hoped into my car and made the drive from Davis to Berkeley in order to make a late lunch with a group of my old bosses. Approximately 5 hours after lunch ended the Cal vs Arizona men’s basketball game was set to begin. So of course, I started off my break time by walking around my old campus and boy did the good memories fly back. I really love this campus. And since I didn’t bring the laptop with the photoshop software with me, I figured I would at least upload some of the raw images from today before they got processed. I spent a lot of today playing around with the sun star settings.

Evan's Field, home of Cal Baseball
Evan’s Field, home of Cal Baseball

Baseball was in the middle of a scrimmageIMG_9901

As I took the shot above, some players who were taking score requested that a photo be taken of them because they were clearly the most important players


After which I went back inside Haas Pavilion and decided to shoot a bit from the balcony

IMG_9921 IMG_9914 IMG_9930

Not bad for being pretty darn far away from the actual field. I decided to take one more shot of the field before calling it a day and heading back upstairs to get some studying done 🙂


And Go Bears!!

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