Fun with Leaky Faucets

Today I decided to take advantage of the leaky kitchen sink faucet before the handyman comes tomorrow to fix it. I had to use some new LED lighting in order to see anything with the shutter speed up near 1/2000 sec and the ISO up at 6400 but I was pleasantly surprised at how the photos came out. I ended up just using my 18-55mm lens with a 4x macro on the end in order to get some close-up(ish) shots. Once I have money I am going to invest in a better lens for this stuff but until then I’ll just have to make do #brokeasscollegestudent.

IMG_0495a IMG_0503a IMG_0504 IMG_0506a IMG_0540a IMG_0572a h IMG_0616b

One thought on “Fun with Leaky Faucets

  1. Just love the colours, reflections and whirlpool ripple effect in these pics. There is great beauty in the most so-called ordinary of places…even the sink. ( we don’t use the word faucet over here ). If fact, no such thing as mundane, or ugly. Inspiration to you and your lens. Really enjoying your work.

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